preprint and publication


  1. intersections
    Intersection Bodies of Polytopes joint work with Katalin Berlow, Chiara Meroni, and Isabelle Shankar 2021 [abs] [arXiv]
  2. auctions
    Competitive equilibrium always exists for combinatorial auctions with graphical pricing schemes joint work with Christian Haase, and Ngoc Mai Tran 2021 [abs] [arXiv]
  3. rocks
    Investigation of hydro-mechanical processes in fluid-saturated fractured rock based on numerical model generation joint work with Nele Pollmann, Julia Gallas, Lucas Witte, and Tobias Backers IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 833 (1), 012107, 2021 [abs] [doi]


  1. polytropes
    Multivariate volume, Ehrhart, and h^*-polynomials of polytropes joint work with Sophia Elia, and Leon Zhang 2020 [abs] [arXiv]




  1. master
    Competitive Equilibrium and Lattice Polytopes Master Thesis Advisor: Christian Haase, 2019 [abs]


  1. bachelor
    A 4-Simple 4-Simplicial 8-Polytope Bachelor Thesis Advisor: Günter M. Ziegler, 2016 [abs]